Olivia Café – Barcelona

Olivia cafe, Barcelona

c/Pintor Fortuny, 22
El Raval


Olivia Café in El Raval is a small, clean bright little café with a great clean, bright little atmosphere to go with it.

The perfect pit stop if you want a hot chocolate (soya milk available) and with a great range of herbal and fruit tea bags and infusions.

Teas are €2.05 each and come in te verde (green tea), te rojo (red tea), negro (black tea), frutos del bosque (fruits of the forest), canela (cinnamon) or rooibos to name a few.

Infusions available include menta (mint), tila (linden tree flower) and manzana (apple) and cost €1.95.

They also serve Illy coffee but I don’t coffee and have a small range of home-made cakes such as muffins in a variety of flavours for €1.60/ea; massive and tasty cookies embalmed in healthy seeds and stuff for €2.15, pastels (cakes) with chocolate or apple for €3.50 approximately and squares of chocolate brownie for €2.50. There was also a devilish looking mother fucker of a chocolate cake – but I refused to catch it’s eye, lest it inveigle me into a human/cake tryst.

Bottle beers are available at €1.90-2.20 depending on which and booze-free beer is €2.40/per bottle.

The soya milk hot chocolate was super good albeit so frustratingly small that I nearly had to have another and cost €2.50 or €2.75 for a chocolate suizo (Swiss hot chocolate which involves a big head of cream), which seems about average for Barcelona.

If you fancy a sandwich (boccadillo) and are vegetarian then there is a lovely avocado, brie and dried tomato number (aquacate, brie y tomate seco) for €2.70 media (half ciabbata) or €4.05 entero (whole ciabbata).

Breakfasts (desayunos) include toast with marmalade and butter (tostados con mermelada y mantequilla); muesli with milk (con leche – soya available!) and greek yoghurt and fruit.

For vegans other than herbal teas or you could ask for a hot soya milk (leche de soya caliente) There is also the toast with marmalade if you asked them to hold the butter or muesli with soya milk (leche de soya). So you don’t have to feel utterly punished and deprived for your convictions.

The small café consists of several small, wooden canteen style tables and benches – its huge windows make it perfect for watching folk and their four-legged-uns throng about in one of the coolest areas of Barcelona.

The quiet and calmness of Olivia café (no music playing) makes a great place to take your book or computer or notebook and write, work, doodle, or to simply meet a few friends in order to plan the overthrowing of the government, whilst drinking a virtuous tea or drinking a dirty and slightly less virtuous hot chocolate.

To find Olivia Café from Placa Catalunya, head down La Rambla and take c/Pintor Fortuny on your right-hand side.

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