One of the Delights of Living Rurally in Spain

Living in the countryside as we did for a while in Mas Mestre it’s not uncommon to find yourself in some random and incredible situations courtesy of the local wildlife. We’ve encountered lizards, birds, spiders, horses, various forms of aquatic life and many more beside.

One of the most captivating moments came while walking Sweep in the red rock canyon at Sant Pere de Ribes. At the top of the bluff are fields on which goats graze and on this particular day we witnessed a newly born kid, still warm and shaking from its traumatic introduction to the world.

We were delighted by the sight and we sat to enjoy the others grazing and the sound of bells.



On our way out we heard the sound of bells closing on us and turned to see the whole herd washing down the canyon like a sea of goats covering every square inch of ground. Enjoy the moment as we did.

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