Organic fruit and vegetable delivery in Barcelona



Organic fruit and vegetable delivery in Barcelona              

Natural Como La Vida Misma is awesome news for anyone interested in good health, raw food vegans or just those wishing to buy organic vegetables and fruits for the sake of the bloody natural environment.

In the online shop you can buy ½ dozen organic eggs for €2, 2 litres of extra virgin organic olive oil for €12, 2 kilos of organic carrots for €4, organic potatoes for €5, 2 kilos of Royal Gala apples for €6, 2 kilos of Golden Delicious apples for €6, 3 kilos of juicing oranges for €6, 3 kilos of table oranges for €7.

You can also buy a kilo of  almonds or walnuts in their cases for  €3 or €8 respectively, which seems cheap but you probably get 1/3 kilo worth of nut for your euro.

To get the best value and a range of fruit and vegetables from Natural Como La Vida Misma you can order a mixed box of fruit and vegetables online. Boxes are available in 8 kilo and 12 kilo boxes and cost €23 or €28 respectively.

If they deliver to your postcode (which you will find out once you start the ordering process) you can then choose your size of box you can stipulate your favourite fruits and vegetables from a list by checking or unchecking those items that they have recommended for that week. If an item is unavailable they will email you and add other items to complete the target weight.

Generally boxes will contain approximately 30-40% fruit but you can change this or by separate items such as apples or oranges from the online shop.

Boxes are delivered on Wednesdays and Thursdays and you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Lovely organic vegetables and fruits delivered fresh to your door every week, once a month or whenever you want. Most items are from the Iberian Peninsula and are in season – so you won’t have to consider the air miles of your next smoothie. Hoorah for Natural Como La Vida Misma.


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