Organic Market (vegetarian takeaway) – Barcelona

Organic Market, La Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria
La Rambla

Situated at the very back of La Boqueria (Barcelona’s majestic market), where not even the sun shines, on the right-hand side next to a door, Organic Market is the perfect place for picking up warm, organic, fantastic quality vegetarian food whilst on the hoof between Guadis or more unremittingly stunning monuments or if you have just spent the morning losing yourself in the short and windy streets of the gothic quarter or El Raval.

By exchanging one single ten-euro note with one of the smiley gents behind the long Organic Market counter you can get – by way of return – a large container full of the most delicious, taste-bud tickling healthy fodder you are possibly going to get in Barcelona.

Ten euros might sound like a lot but bearing in mind it is organic stuff – or so it purports – and mighty flipping delicious and enough to feed two fairly hungry vegetarians – it’s actually something of a bargain. Plus it’s dog-friendly as you can take your carton and go sit on one of the pavements to the side of the market in order to scoff the bloody lot.

You can choose from falafel-packed pita breads; crepes filled to the knickers with mixed vegetables and emmental, tacos that are full up with mixed vegetables and then embellished with either curry or picante (chilli) salsas, a truly vegetarian paella (ie no seafood), stuffed peppers and a range of tortillas.

The idea is that you get a carton containing salad, paella, couscous and vegetables and then choose one of the main items to bling it up with. All for ten blinking euros. All bloody tasty and really too much for one person – unless you have a massive appetite, hollow legs, are bullimic or have just smoked a very strong joint.

Freshly squizzled orange juice is available at €2.50 a glass – and this, rather strangely, seems to be the only drink on offer.

The all-boy staff always seems keen, ebullient and happy to serve you. The ambience is comfortingly chaotic due to the MTV screen playing in back and Organic’s location in the best and busiest most beautiful market in Barcelona.

Everything here looks delicious, so the only problem you are likely to encounter is which main item to choose.

There are a couple of items here for vegans eg pitas with falafel and paella but nothing sadly for raw food vegans as everything other than a bit of side salad seems to be cooked. 🙁

However, if you are a run-of-the-mill vegetarian or vegan, I can’t recommend Organic Market enough. Fast, cheap (if you share), tasty and good service.


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