Organic Restaurant – Barcelona

c/de la junta de comerc
El Raval

Open: 12:45-midnight

Strings of vertical fairy lights welcome you through the green façade into Organic Restaurant (they’ve cleverly hidden a clue to its purpose in the title).

Situated in El Raval, running parallel with La Rambla and not far from La Boqueria, Organic Restaurant is run by the same folk that run Organic Market within La Boqueria and therefore a good spot if you want to enjoy something organic-y but would rather sit down whilst you enjoy it.

Organic Restaurant’s policy is to locate and use local ingredients that are only available at particular seasons, which we all applaud. Some of us even rattle our jewellery.

The menu del dia – always a good way of having a three-course meal in Spain without spending three times the amount – costs €10/person and includes soup or a visit to the salad bar for the first course, a main course such as seitan stew with eggplant/aubergine; stuffed potatoes; or rice with vegetables and seaweed. There is also a choice of desserts such as ice cream, baked apple or chocolate cake. Calm yourselves.

The salad bar consists of boiled eggs, potato salad, sauerkraut, olives, pasta salads and couscous, plus oils and sea salt to augment it with. Not much for raw vegans unless you fancy paying ten euros for a plate of sauerkraut with oil on. I didn’t fancy that.

They have a good range of yogi herbal teas, organic coffees and offer a hot chocolate with almonds, all available with soya milk – which I’ll be going back to try no doubt.

At the front of the restaurant they sell a very small selection of non-dairy milks, along with flax seed, chlorella and olive oils – so pretty good at 23hrs when you suddenly remember you’re having six vegans around for sun salutations and breakfast at 5am the next day.

The interior of the restaurant is airy and industrial with giant metal heating pipes along the ceiling, but some comfortable arm chairs give it a cosier feel. Huge white lampshades provide umbrage and produce the kind of quiet and subdued atmosphere that means you could hold a meeting over lunch. But why you’d want to do that anyway… Just take a good book and enjoy.

It’s not the greatest organic restaurant I’ve been to, but it’s the only one I’ve been to in Spain (other than those mentioned elsewhere on this blog.)

No dogs allowed, so an all four paws down from young Sweep. I give it a thumbs up because it’s vegetarian, it’s organic and it’s pretty tasty. Crap for raw vegans, sadly.

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