Organic, vegetarian, vegan, healthy and gluten-free Fuengirola, Costa del Sol – Part 1


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Fuengirola was full of surprises. What seemed like a fairly soulless touristic resort, over anglicised and thick with tower blocks and high rise holiday apartments, turned out to be a box of healthy trinkets with as much soul as many towns and cities I’ve visited in Spain.

If you are into good health or would like to be; if you like your food organic; if you are turned on by green living; if you like to eat things without eyes, fins, hearts and personalities, or if you are a celiac sufferer trying to make your way around Spain without getting ill, then here is an overview of what is on offer for you in Fuengirola:


Health food shops:


A good all-round health food shop offering the typical range of organic groceries you generally find in Spanish shops of this ilk. They vend specialist gluten-free products for celiac sufferers, sugar free and lactose free products for those with particular diet needs along with tofu and soya meat substitutes, milk substitutes and soya ice cream for vegetarians and vegans.

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Bionatura Ekotienda

A beautiful health food shop ten minutes walk from Placa de Constitution. A superb range of organic stuffs and grocery items for the vegetarian and vegan bods and those who prefer to live with a clear conscience.

Products you might have missed such as Alara breakfast cereal, Clipper teas, Green and Blacks organic chocolate, Infinity Foods, Linwoods and Crazy Jacks.

Bionatura Ekotienda also stock a superb range of certified organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Herboristeria Dapocris

One of two fantastic stalls on the ground floor level of the market in Fuengirola. Both seem equally well stocked (to the rafters that is) with bottles and jars, packets and sachets of all things to do with healthy medicine and home supplementing. If what you want isn’t here then try the other around the corner.

They also sell basic health food groceries such as milk substitutes, whole wheat pasta, rice, oils and nuts.

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Herboristeria Mercado

Awesome well-stocked herbalists selling a huge stock from a small stall on the ground level of the market. One of two herboristeria’s on the same level of the same market. Both equally impressive. Come here for supplements, herbs, tinctures, remedies etc. They also sell organic and vegetarian groceries such as milk substitutes and grains.

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