Organic, vegetarian, vegan, healthy and gluten-free Fuengirola, Costa del Sol – Part 2

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A small but pretty well stocked health food shop where you can pick up vegetarian and health stalwarts such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, milk substitutes such as oat milk, rice milk, soya milk and nut milk, oriental ingredients, organic eggs, fair-trade chocolate, organic fair trade coffee, herbal teas, plus a range of supplements, cleaning products and the usual green-living, organic suspects.

Plus Himalayan salt lamps, incense sticks and happy hippy fodder.

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Nutrisalud is notable because it has an in store bakery where you can buy artisan breads including biblical bread along with organic and vegetarian Argentinian pasties.

There is also a good range of grains, cereals, mueslis, pastas, rice, olives, vegetarian meat substitutes, oils, vinegars, local honeys, jams, gluten free cookies, sugar free cookies, crackers, herbal teas and a fair few supplements, vitamins, minerals and the like.

Nutrisalud is one of the best organic health food merchants in all of Fuengirola.

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A centrally located and fairly spacious store selling all things healthy. Polen have a small range of gluten-free stuff for you celiac dudes. For other exclusive diets, ther are sugar-free, wheat-free and whole wheat cookies available by the kilo.

Polen sell a range of supplements including chlorella, bluey-green algae, B12, plus good quality multivitamin and minerals.

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There are lots of bakeries (panaderias) throughout Fuengirola, but De Witte Belgian Bakery (Ramon y Cajal, 52) in particular caught my eye due to their organic whole wheat bread and spelt bread. They are open from 7am to 9pm (with no siesta – which is almost unheard of in Spain) and there are a few outdoor seats and free wi-fi!



Vegetalia Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetalia is the only restaurant that serves just vegetarian food in Fuengirola. It’s a traditional place with a decent sized menu. Nothing too experimental but enough to satisfy the travelling vegan or vegetarian. Fodder is fairly tasty and the prices are moderate.

A lunch time buffet allows you to stuff yourself full for under a tenner. They also have fresh fruit juices.

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