Origem Cozinha Biologica (organic kitchen) in Lisbon

Origem organic cafe, Lisbon

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Fresh watermelon or pineapple juices, iced herbal teas, freshly made lemonades – it was these refreshing devils that inveigled me into Origem Cozinha Biologica (organic kitchen) in Lisbon.

There is also a salad bar serving organic greens and salads – it had been too long for me to be honest. If you want healthy, organic fodder to feed your healthy mind or to repair your tattered soul, then make your blood sing at Origem in downtown Lisbon.

Origem organic cafe, Lisbon - interior

Attached to Brio organic supermarket, Origem has an indoor eating area along with a bright outdoor terrace which meant it was dog-friendly, which Sweep liked.

If you are hungry they have soups, crepes, bruschettas, mini pizzas, mixed salads, croquettes, empanadas (empadas in Portuguese), along with desserts such as rice pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate brownies, custard cakes, mousses and cheesecakes.

Be ware as not everything is vegetarian, although everything is organic. There are a number of suitable dishes for vegetarians and the staff is multilingual, friendly and as helpful as can be.

Origem organic cafe, Lisbon - juice and empada

You can also take food away which is interestingly (or strange which ever way you choose to look at it) is sold by weight or volume. You can buy cooked grains such as white rice, basmati rice, brown rice, millet or quinoa by the kilo. Vegetarian lasagne can also be bought by the kilo (€18 / kilo) and soups can be ordered by the litre or half litre (€4 / €2).

Desserts such as chocolate , mango or raspberry mousse cost €14 / kg, as do chocolate brownies, apple tart or cheesecake.

The salad bar consists of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, beans, cucumber, beetroot, sweetcorn (of course! A salad bar wouldn’t be a salad bar without sweet corn), herbed tofu, feta cheese, cabbage, seeds plus combinations such as mixed beans and vegetables and couscous.

Origem is a great place for a healthy or healthyish treat and a welcome sit down and a fresh juice. And don’t forget the organic supermarket (Brio) next door.

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