Overview of Praia da Barra, A Seaside Resort Near Aveiro

Praia da Barra, near Aveiro, Beira Litoral, Portugal

Praia da Barra, near Aveiro, Beira Litoral, Portugal

Praia da Barra is a very modern seaside resort around 9km from Aveiro and a very busy place indeed. It serves as the beach for most locals so when combined with the glut of visitors coming in from elsewhere the single road in and out can get heavily congested.

There’s not too much to say about the little resort which straddles three main roads (that have been converted into an awkward one way system) but it is still a fun and friendly place with plenty of cafés, restaurants, clothing and gift shops to exercise your bank balance after a day at the beach.

What to see in Praia da Barra

The main attraction is the beach; a seemingly endless stretch of golden sand that is only interrupted by the stone walkways which reach out into the sea, protecting one particular beach from the often agitated Atlantic Ocean. They seem like a work in process but you can walk all the way round, passing the lighthouse on the way.

Getting to and from Praia da Barra

If you’re backpacking or without a car you catch a bus in Aveiro (outside the train station). Buses run almost on the hour between 7:00am and midnight and Praia da Barra is the first stop once you leave Aveiro.

By car simply head west on the IP5 and follow signs for ‘Praias’. You will come to a large round-a-but; take the first exit here and you are more or less in Praia da Barra. Parking can be a nightmare so get there early.

Where to stay in Praia da Barra

There are several hotels along the seafront and you can book one of those by clicking here. For the more adventurous there is a small and reasonably priced campsite – Campismo Praia da Barra (read about that here.)

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