Ovni Buffet – Barcelona

Vía Layetana, 32
Gothic Quarter

Monday to Saturday 10am-12am
Sunday 12pm-12am

Along the same lines as Fres Sco, Ovni is a massive all-you-can-eat buffet but with the emphasis on healthy foods and salads and with many options for vegetarians and even stuff what vegans might like – things with no eyes or personality etc.

You grab yourself a tray and a plate and shuffle along the line of fellow hungries feeling like you are an extra in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as you pile your plate with green things, vegetables and pasta and rice dishes for those that like pasta and rice dishes. Even the raw vegan can have them self a little feast here, and as you pay one price it’s worth going with hollow legs and making the most of your opportunity to behave like a frugal bulimic.

The food is ok. The vegetables – much like those at other all-you-can-eaters in Spain, appear to have gone through some very special processing technique to squish all the flavour out.  The pasta is tired and fairly tasteless and the pizza is like discoloured parchment. What it does have going for it is that it is very cheap and you can stuff yourself until you start splitting at the seams. Perfect for the voracious bulimic with slightly low standards.

You will pay approximately €10 for your binge in a no-frills, slightly noisy canteen-type setting and you can fill yourself up for an entire day. You might never get hungry again. There is definitely better food to be found not far away in Organic, Woki  and many other spots, but if frugality and satiety are uppermost in your criteria – you will fill up here without having to sell a kidney on eBay.

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