Painted Rocks at Platja de Cabaijo, Arenys de Mar

painted rocks at platja del cobaija, arenys de mar, catalunya


Platja del Cabaijo is the main beach at Arenys de Mar and is separated from the town by a raised pathway and the railway line. A line of rocks form a barrier to stop the pathway from crumbling and to liven the place up a bit someone has taken to painting the rocks in bright colours.

The Costa del Maresme, home of Arenys de Mar is already a vibrant place but I’m all for people adding more colour if it’s tastefully done. The painted rock designs are simple but are in contrasting colours and are wholly inoffensive; unlike additional paintings which have appeared more recently.


Don't worry, be happy - graffiti at Arenys de Mar

Don't worry, be happy - graffiti at Platja del Cobaija, Arenys de Mar, Catalunya.


While the painted rocks are simple and colourful, the almost cave-like paintings of a star smoking weed and encouraging onlookers with a Bob Marley quote, “Don’t worry, be happy,” brings the neighbourhood down a little. While I appreciate the sentiment I find it incredibly mundane. The large drawing of a hairy penis complete with a hairy scrotum is utterly churlish and only offensive due to the ‘artists’ complete lack of imagination.

With such a great canvas available the best they could come up with was a hairy dick. Sad times. It wasn’t even a pair of tits…

It would be great to introduce a community project aimed at brightening the rocks up more and get locals involved in the project. Whether this will happen remains to be seen but, for now, the handful of rocks in their daubs of colour paired with the crude cave paintings present a picture of what could be.

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