Pals, Catalonia – The Town of Many Arches


After leaving Begur and saying our goodbyes to John and Roselyne we found ourselves heading north. Pals lies on the C-31 between Pallafrugels and L’Estartit and came highly recommended as our next stop.

As you drive towards Pals you can see the Gothic quarter sat on the hill while the newer sections have sprawled out from the centre down the decades.

Pals is a medieval town which is home to what seems like a record number of arches. Once into the centre the place is an absolute archfest; doorways, windows, bridges between houses and features in connecting walls.

The town is like many old Spanish towns; a jumble of tiny, twisting streets and old stone walls successfully built to keep the sun out.

One of its main attractions is the Tower of Hours. Sadly I couldn’t find out why it was called so but it does make a lovely feature and provides great views of the local countryside, fresh with the aroma of animals and their produce – of all varieties.

The church of Sant Pere is also a terrific stop off and its cool interior and stained glass windows provide both relief and culture in one comfortable, meditative package.

There are a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars as well as confectioners and ice cream parlours who sell our beloved and much needed granizado de limon. Other shops include clothes, cell phones and trinket numbers.

There is also a free gallery which features different collections throughout the year. There is a wine shop attached to the gallery and they accept donations. He old man working there was exceptionally friendly and welcomed us both and Sweep. I love a dog friendly gallery.


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Pals is a bright little place in the Catalonian wilderness, easily found on the C-31 with enough attractions to lose a day.

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