Pals, Catalonia – The Town of Arches in Pictures

The crumbling walls of Pals add a truly rustic feel to the old Catalonian town which sits on a hill to the north of Begur, some 10km inland from the sea.


Entering through the main street you come to the first arch of many.The streets like so many in Catalonia are designed to keep the sun out.


Every little side street and house seems to have an arch feature. This walkway connects two houses via windows and is said to have been used for hanging washing.


The church of Sant Pere is a welcome respite from the constant heat and its confines are peaceful and inspiring.


The Tower of Hours is one of Pals' main attractions.


Pals' gothic quarter has undergone a lot of restoration in recent years. Its four squares still maintain a classic Spanish feel and it's easy to lose hours wandering the many shops, bars and restaurants.


At every turn you're met with arches, whether it be along walkways or features above windows and doors; Pals is arch crazy.


This huge arch stands at over 30 feet tall and joins the wall of the Tower of Hours.


This passageway leads you to the Tower of Hours.


Even indoors, as exhibited in the gallery, arches play a huge part of Pals and its architecture.


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