Pan Creativo Artesano – Valencia


I could sum up Pan Creativo Artesano in Valencia in one word – outrageously fucking good.

I’m not one to sing the praises where none is due and am readily available to call a spade a wanker in any situation, and so when I label something ‘the best chocolate croissant I have ever tasted’, you probably should take note. Now it’s not that I have some trumped up megalomaniacal idea of my own greatness, but I do have a weakness of sweet things and I have thrown enough dirty pastry down my neckhole in my lifetime to know a good croissant one I look one in the eye.

The croissants at Pan Creativo Artesano are not only stunningly delicious but they are also huge. I couldn’t tell you how much I paid for this creation – which looked like a flaky Sydney Opera House with gooey still-warm chocolate contained within, because even if I paid out five euros for it – it would be money well squandered.

Anyway, this was the croissant I’d waiting a lifetime for and I didn’t know whether to savour it or just take my clothes off and roll on it (which is what Sweep – my dog would do in the circumstances).

Anyway, other than this godly pastry they sold 100 percent organic spelt bread, delightful olive bread, baguettes, normal croissants, and a few other baked goodies. The range isn’t vast, but judging  by the organic spelt bread and the chocolate croissant – the quality is out of this world.

Valencia is also home of the best salad I’ve had in Spain so far – at Tastaolettes. Watch out Barcelona – Valencia is gaining on you.

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