Papas Fortuny baked potato takeaway – Granada



Papas Fortuny baked potato takeaway – Granada
Plaza de Fortuny

On the way down from La Alhambra, if you are lucky enough to catch it open, you can find Papas Fortuny – a fastfood outlet selling mainly baked potatoes with a variety of fillings and toppings. Whilst this isn’t something that would usually drive me wild, it is good to have a cheap vegetarian and vegan option – and also something that is hot during the winter when it gets particularly cold in Granada due to its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

So if you want something cheap, hot, filling and vegetarian you can have a baked potato with olive oil and salt.

You could also select a Patata al Gusto – which is where you choose three ingredients to fill your potato – such as herbs, olive oil, salt and cheese. The cost for this is €3.40.

Alternatively, you could have Patata Gratinado where you pick six ingredients that are served along with gratinated mozzarella cheese which will come of no surprise to anyone who knows what gratinated means.

Everything else pretty much seems to contain meat but you’d easily be able to request one without.  For example a Patata Brava which contains ali-oli garlic mayonnaise, salsa brava (hot sauce), corn, beetroot, carrot and olives – but also comes with ham.

If you would rather have a sandwich then you will need to request one without chicken or pork (pechuga or lomo) but you will be able to negotiate a cheese and tomato boccadillo (sandwich) quite easily.

This isn’t gourmet food> it is what it is.

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