Paprika vegetarian restaurant – Granada


Cueseta de Abarqueros, 3

(just below Albacin at the end of Calle Elvira)

There it was glistening in the distance, a beautiful façade behind which proper vegetarian food lurked. In Granada. It was too good to be true. And it turned out to be too good to be true. Although… in Paprika’s defence, I think I ordered the wrong menu items, and came on the wrong night.

Firstly, the restaurant was very cold although I was seated in a lovely exposed brick archway and as I was the first one there – arriving hungry at the ungodly Spanish hour of 8.30pm, I had the place to myself for a while. Taking advantage of this, the chef took it upon himself to loudly train a new worker. So that was my first problem. I don’t want to be talked through the preparation of my own food. I might as well do it myself, at least I might warm up.

I ordered hummus to start and the raw salad (the concept of which was definitely too good to be true) for main course – the salad eventually arrived, before the starter had materialised and was firstly a side salad (despite costing almost €10), and secondly, was really rather unimaginative (green side-salad would have been a more pertinent description). It consisted of some leaves, a table spoon of alfalfa sprouts, some seeds and cranberries (that didn’t appear raw) and a few more raw vegetables and a rather bland dressing. The hummus apparently made with sprouted chick peas – so raw foodist friendly I hoped, was watery and bland. Boo. An area of a country with a massive Moroccan influence that is juxtapose to Morocco and you can’t even get a blob of tasty hummus. Very disappointing.

Having said aaaaaalllll that, a couple eventually sat down next to me and they ordered tabouleh salad and spring rolls. They didn’t look particularly appetising from where I was sitting (next to them) but they were making the kinds of sounds you might associate with the eating of tasty food – eg ‘yum’. And the portion sizes of their dishes seemed adequate. So they seemed happy.

I didn’t have a dessert as I was way too discombobulated by my previous unsatisfying dalliances with the menu. I wasn’t expecting the kind of raw food I’d get in One Lucky Duck in NY  (happy days), but a bit more attention to detail, taste and quantity would have been nice.

Now the menu items that I didn’t have look far more exciting, although they err on the side of meat substitutes eg seitan, tempeh or soya, with everything, rather than healthy vegetables which is a bit annoying.

Any road, the full menu is available in English on the menu

They have an awesome range of teas and the menu lists their health benefits.

From a raw foodists point of view – my experience was v. disappointing. However, there is a great array of cooked vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from, just don’t expect to eat cheaply.

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