Paradis vegetarian restaurant – Lleida

Joan Baget, 20

You don’t half find vegetarian restaurants in some unlikely places. I certainly didn’t expect to stumble across this lovely spot in a place like Lleida –which despite being not so far from Barcelona and its throbbing metropolis, is still very typically Spanish.

The interior is modern and minimal, which seems to be the trend these days – in Spain in particular. And whilst minimal is not my favourite look when it comes to décor – I like a bit of chaotic clutter or authentic traditional Spanish and all that – it does give a sense of space and of cleanliness.

Paradis is part of the same parent company that owns Baobab Cocina Vegetariana in Zaragoza and the awesome Teresa Carles vegetarian restaurant in the centre of Barcelona. And because of this you can rest assured that – whilst you might be paying premium prices for your meal (although not excessive) that you are paying for exceptional quality, exquisite surroundings and service that is at the top end of professional whilst still retaining an enchanting Spanish informality.

The staff are young, generally beautiful and generally (mark II) tri-lingual.

You can get great juices well-crafted from the best ingredients – available in two sizes. Salads are stunning – although way too small for my liking. I like my salads as a main course, which seems to be unusual in Spain where salad is either a starter or a side dish. But taste-wise – the salads are up there. The dressings are just right – although again, could be more plentiful.

There are good and diverse range of dishes to select from with prices not too excessive and the desserts are good too – with the emphasis on healthy rather than decadent in most cases.

All in all – a very positive eating experience.

They have organic wines to complement your meal, or you could have something a bit healthier to complement your life.


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