Parco Sushi – Barcelona

Passeig Gracia, 119

Parco Sushi is gorgeous. When you are standing on the outside peering in at least.

It looks like a lovely little retro living room with strange sci-fi shaped 1960s tables, and itchy looking seats,  low level lighting, standard lamps, black tiled walls and globular orange and red lights hanging from the ceilings. Colours are authentic retro browns, russets, dark greens and deep reds. Nothing too garish. The art is pure late 1960s/early 1970s ergo it’s bright, quirky and slightly cheap looking.

Sadly, my enjoyment of eating at Parco Sushi ended once I’d sat down. Firstly the staff were instantly unlikeable and didn’t make the effort to make us feel welcome at all.

The green tea they gave me was so strong that I was wincing like a bulldog licking an alcoholic’s piss of a particularly sharp thistle and having palpitations after one small cup. And I still have the taste in my mouth a year later (that’s a lie). The sushi was average, the rice was undercooked, the noodles were overcooked – or was it the other way around. Suffice to say, it wasn’t a positive eating experience at all. Japan would be ashamed.

I have yet to find great sushi in Barcelona – not that I eat raw fish anymore. But this is most certainly not the place. Looks great but is very disappointing. There are better places to eat sushi in the city I’m sure. Don’t waste your time and money here though. I was inveigled in by the retro furniture and the promise of seaweed salad – I felt like such a fool.

Looking for great sushi in Barcelona – don’t come to Parco Sushi. Sorry.

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