Pasta takeaway – Barcelona

c/escudellers 47
Gothic Quarter

You pick a type of fresh pasta, a sauce and then add whatever ingredients you fancy in order to create a bespoke dish. It’s a great idea. Pasta might not be the healthiest food in the world but it is filling and if you choose the wholewheat pasta and the right ingredients you can create something not too destructive, vegetarian and damn tasty.

So you choose a fresh pasta from rigatoni, tagliatelle (normal, wholewheat or spinach), ravioli (made from ricotta and spinach) or spaghetti that is suitable for those allergic to eggs.

Then you select a sauce. For vegetarians, you can choose from tomato; garlic and oil; pesto; tomato and vegetable; cream and parmesan; red pesto; four cheeses; or cream and mushrooms. These range from €3.90 – €5.90.

Then you can get creative with the additions. Eg spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella, broccoli, olives, dried tomato, rocket, mixed vegetables, ricotta or nuts. These range from €0.30 to €1.50 per ingredient.

There are also a couple of vegetarian-friendly starters such as rocket and cherry tomato salad at €3.90 or gazpacho €2.90.

There is a menu del dia that is available all day and costs €9.90. For this you can select a starter, one of four pasta types and a choice of four sauces – all of which are vegetarian. And you also get a drink.

Vegetarians have loads of choices here. But I think vegans should be fine with gazpacho and spaghetti in one of the many milk and cheese-free sauces.

It’s a great idea, similar to Wok and Walk and Woki Organic takeaway. Fast food freshly assembled before your very eyes.

The interior is very clean and modern and the service is prompt. Situated right in the Gothic quarter. Cheap and cheerful eats.

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