Pet Shops in Sitges

When not on the look out for the best hot chocolate in the world, organic raw food supplies and vegan-friendly shops and restaurants, my other obsession is finding good pet shops. Sweep needs to be kept happy whilst on the road, and so I like to pick up the healthiest treats I can find, so I always have back up, if I am unable to make him treats myself. Boiling liver in an 18 foot van when it’s 32 degrees and rising is pretty grim, made even more so when you’re a vegan at heart and find the smell of cooking animal organs slightly disgusting.

So, having spent a whole bunch of time in Sitges, I had plenty of opportunities to scout the area. These are the best pet shop I’ve found:

Peluts, Sitges

C/de Sant Josep, 20

Monday to Friday
10:30hrs – 13:30hrs
17hrs – 20.30hrs

10:00hrs – 13:30hrs
17hrs – 20.30hrs

This is Sweep’s favourite shop, because the guy who works there is super friendly and as I found out recently, speaks very good English. He also has a big bowl of water for the furry visitors and gives out treats. Sadly, only if you have four legs.

They stock some weird things like designer dog bowls – Sweep wanted the black and gold one for his first birthday, but at ninety euros, it was approximately 80 euros beyond my budget.

They have the usual range of dry foods there that I don’t normally touch, however, what with being on the road and not always able to find somewhere to get Sweep’s fresh meat (he is a very allergic dog and can’t just eat anything), I have kept a stash of  high quality Acana dry food, which they stock here.

They have the usual range of treats, clickers, a small selection of leads and canine apparel, along with dishes, id tags and toys.


Carrer D’Espelta

Just around the corner from Peluts, is Puppy. A small shop that crams a lot into it. The staff here are perfectly friendly, but not as likeable as Mr Peluts.

They sell Purina and Acana and all the usual makes of dry food. They also stock Stuzzy tinned wet foods.

They sell a large range of food plus a small selection of treats, apparel and other dog and cat accessories.

The Grooming Parlour

sant Damia, 11

The Grooming Parlour is run by a nice chubby camp man who looks like he should be running an after hours clandestine cabaret club in Paris. The Parlour is mainly a clothes and accessories shop for dogs and a dog hairdressers. They sell a few treats and essentials, but the main focus here is on appearance.

This small shop has a mezzanine that acts like a canine dressing room, rammed full of shirts, dresses, capes, coats and headware. There are also shampoos, fur conditioners and other pooch grooming paraphernalia. Along with tags, clothes, toys, beds, perfumes and trinkets. Sweep doesn’t go in for this kind superficial thing. He’s way too handsome to need embellishments. I love him au natural.

Actually the selection of beds here is pretty spectacular.

Look out for Carmen, the monumentally disgruntled giant poodle.

Hospital Veterinari

Calle/D’Espalta, 22

Tel: 93 894 0108

09hrs – 20:30hrs mon to fri
09hrs – 14hrs and 16:30hrs – 20hrs on Saturdays
(available 24hrs for emergencies)

This is the vets and is available 24hours a day for emergencies, so worth making note of the number and paying a visit if you are going to be in Sitges for a while. There are other vets in Sitges but this one came recommended and we generally see a lovely vet called Irena, who speaks exceptionally good English and is sweet and dinky. Sweep would love her, if it wasn’t for the fact that she sticks cold things up his bum and takes x-rays. But then he shouldn’t eat poo and swallow sticks.

This is not the only vets in Sitges but it was recommended to us by several English dog owners.

They also sell vet ‘recommended’ foods that we don’t go near and a selection of beds, treats, and accessories.

There’s a lovely tail-less cat that lives there and doesn’t seem remotely perturbed by the constant parade of dogs – large and small.

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