Petritxol chocolateria & cafe – Barcelona

c/Petrixol 11
Gothic Quarter

I’ve spent the last two years in search of the best hot chocolate, travelling far and wide (and getting wider due to the many drinks I’ve had to sample in my elusive search).

So imagine my surprise when I found it in a hot country. Having lived in Berlin, New York, Amsterdam and way too many years in London, you’d think – in these notoriously cold locations, the hot chocolates would be unbeatable. Not true. English hot chocolates are weak runny affairs that don’t taste very chocolatey. And the German ones are even worse. They aren’t even hot. They are neither hot nor chocolatey. Hot chocolate? Not chocolate more like.

Anyway, on a very small street, off a smaller street, off La Rambla in El Gotico is a place called Petritxol. A place where the hot chocolates are so divine, you will find yourself having lustful thoughts about them and touching yourself through your trousers.

Spanish hot chocolate is smooth, thick and dark and the Spaniards consider it a breakfast drink. Fuck breakfast. This is a breakfast, lunch and dinner drink. And it almost is a meal in a cup. It tastes like melted chocolate and if you want to really up the ante, you can ask for a Swiss – which means cream on top. And not the cheap, shitty sugary cream substitute that is borne from the unnatural nozzle of a can. No. This is proper thick whipping cream, perched atop the chocolate like a fat tasty crown.

The best hot chocolate in Barcelona, if not Spain, if not the world.

To serve you your sublime drink there are friendly boys and girls. They also sell cakes and chocolates. The madelines half embalmed in white chocolate and with a suggestion of lemon or semi-clad in milk chocolate with a twist of orange are delicious. Dense and moist and ridiculously tasty. Although, just the hot chocolate should be enough to fill and sate the average sugar head.

You can also purchase traditional churros – which are like sticks of doughnut to dip in your hot chocolate.

In summer they also serve very good granizados but I’m so addicted to their hot chocolate that I’ve happily sat sweltering and bleeding from my eyes swallowing down the brown stuff despite outdoor temperatures of above 30 degrees.

It’s a cute shop/café with a mouth watering window display. The staff are friendly and smart and easy listening music adds to the mood. The lighting is a bit strong and enough to scorch your retinas.

The clientele is a mixture of indulgent Nans, middle-class families and tourists.

€3 for a divine hot chocolate. It’s not the cheapest and it’s most definitely not vegan.

Oh and it’s dog friendly too. Paws and thumbs up all round.
If you have a hot chocolate at Petrixol, you will want to stay the night so you can have another one tomorrow. You can find a hotel in Barcelona by clicking here.

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