Pizza del Born – Barcelona

Passeig del Born, 22
El Born

Monday to Sunday 11:30hrs until 01:00hrs

In the middle of one of the most lovely and therefore fairly touristy parts of El Born – the staff at Pizza del Born serves up piping hot segments of pizza and fresh empanadas in a quick and unglamorous setting.

By yourself, in need of a sit down and a snack or meeting casual acquaintances, Pizza del Born is a fair spot. There is nothing glamorous about it: unremarkable décor with a handful of high round tables and stools and a limited menu of pizza or empanadas (which are little pastry parcels packed with different fillings – a popular street-food in Argentina.)

It’s certainly not the best pizza in the world but as far as Spain goes – it’s certainly near the top as far as pizza goes. Sadly, I’m from the United Kingdom originally – a country with a reputation for having some of the worst food in the world and I can even get better pizza there (in London at least) than I’ve found in a year and a half in Spain. Unfortunately, Spain does Spanish food very well. Exceptionally well some might say. I’ve had some of the best Spanish food I’ve ever tasted, in Spain, but when it comes to global cuisine, I’ve found Spanish offerings to be consistently disappointing. Spanish cuisine is great – if you like meat, cheese, bread and fish. A vegan in Spain has to demonstrate some commitment to the cause.

Anyway, at Pizza del Born you can fill up on a complete meal of pizza slices and a couple of empanadas washed down with beer, wine, or soft drinks. The food is quick, fresh tasting and fairly tasty.

Toppings are fairly standard issue with most containing meat or fish, but there are a couple of old faithful amalgamations for vegetarians. You can pick from four cheeses, vegetable or spinach and goat cheese. I didn’t even give the four cheese variety a second look. That much cheese would be like doing melted cheese shots. I’m sure they probably do those somewhere. The vegetable variety was a bit watery and tasteless but by far the best was the spinach and goat cheese – which was actually pretty tasty. Served very hot and with a fairly thin base – almost like proper pizza.

The empanadas are again mainly aimed at carnivores but there were a couple of vegetable/cheese combinations suitable for vegetarians. Eg spinach and cheese.

The staff is mostly male, perhaps a little cocksure but fast and efficient.

All in all, the pizza is good – not the best you’ll ever try but for one of these fast food outlets, it’s great. Good to grab before the beach, after the beach, before jumping on a train at nearby estacion de Franca or before a night out.

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