Pizza del Puerto – Sitges

Muelle de la Ribera, 46
Puerto d’eportivo de Aiguadolç

Monday to Frjday 20hrs to 01hrs
Friday to Sunday 13hrs to 16:30hrs & 20hrs to 01hrs

I don’t usually eat pizza. For me, for some reason, if I fall off the raw food wagon, which I do with such regularity when on the road, that I should earn loyalty points, eating pizza is the symbol that I have gone too far. That I have stooped that low. I guess it’s because nutritionally, I don’t really value the humble Italian dish. Unless it’s because I used to order disgusting pizza deliveries when exceptionally hungover (with a bottle of coca cola to wash the beast down with) back when I was a dangerous boozer with “no more right to live on god’s clean earth than a weasel”*.

Anyway, we went here as a celebration in late July, when Sitges was as its most lazy and balmy and the ocean its most twinkly. My force was with me that day and I wisely selected a salad but my colleagues were weak and didn’t hesitate in ordering vegetarian pizzas.

There are three options for vegetarians on the pizza menu: a margarita; a cabrale (goat cheese and honey); and a vegetariana (mixed vegetables), with prices ranging from a rather expensive €11 to €12.70. Pretty pricy but I heard no complaints about the taste or quality.

For starters there s a cream of vegetable soup (crema de verduras) which is €7.90. That’s what I’d usually pay for a main dish to be honest. :-/

Salads come in the following amalgamations: Tomato and parmesan (€8.55); Tabouleh with mango and avocado (€10.35) and for raw vegans a Avocat which consists of avocado, tomato and corn and costs €10.55. I had the latter and twas good – although I could have eaten more.

There are also a couple of veg-friendly pasta dishes such as an arrabiata with penne for €10.90; and fresh pasta with vegetables and mascarpone for €12.80.

For dessert there is a really quite dirty chocolate fondue served with tropical fruit for €8.70, a carro of fruit (absolutely no idea what that means. I thought ‘carro’ meant car) for €5.50 (not bad for a car full of fruit); ice cream or chocolate soufflé €7.20.

This place is pricey as hell but as a one-off the food is good, the service is formal but friendly and the location along the marina in Sitges is beautiful.

We didn’t take Sweep but there is an outdoor area across the road and I imagine that you could probably take your most important family member there with no problem.

* No offense to weasels. I love all animals. Even humans sometimes.

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