Pizzeria la Tribu Playa, N-340, Tarifa, Costa de la Luz

The garden at Pizzeria la Tribu Playa, Tarifa, where dogs aren't allowed.

The garden at Pizzeria la Tribu Playa, Tarifa, where dogs aren't allowed.


While investigating the area around Tarifa and Punta Paloma we stumbled upon an excellent pizzeria right on the N-340, adjacent to ‘Tarifa Smile’. Our bellies groaned and and eyes lit up at the sight of Pizzeria la Tribu Playa. It was to be a pizza feast for dinner, and a great feast it was indeed.

Pizzeria la Tribu Playa is fairly innocuous looking from the outside; a typical rectangle block by the side of the main road tacked onto the end of some other rectangle buildings but once you step through the door you enter a world of exquisite pizza and confused décor.

Ironically enough, for a restaurant they have some odd rules regarding animals in that they allow dogs inside the restaurant but not in the garden.

So onto the food which is what you really want to hear about. Prices are very reasonable indeed with a whole thin crust pizza of your very own coming in at around 7.50 euros. And what a pizza! Their food is excellent and served up by a crew of friendly staff who buzz about the place ensuring every customer is satisfied.


The 'Vegetrian Plus' at Pizzeria la Tribu Playa. Tasty.

The 'Vegetrian Plus' at Pizzeria la Tribu Playa. Tasty.


They also offer pasta dishes, starters, desserts and plenty of drinks but for me the pizzas are champion. There are plenty of vegetarian (but no vegan) options which is still something of a rarity in the south of Spain.

The staff speak several languages between them including Dutch, English, Spanish and German and the conversation flows quite freely as they happily offer information on the local area, political agendas and general chit-chat.

After a long day at the beach (Playa de Valdevaqueros or Playa Los Lances Norte) Pizzeria la Tribu Playa is a great place to fill your stomach in comfort with the added pleasure of big screen TV (if you like that sort of thing) and friendly staff, all without hurting your wallet too much.

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