Planeta Te – Gracia, Barcelona

Planeta Te


Planeta Te
d’Astúries, 50
08012 Barcelona
Gràcia (website not currently working – Feb 2012)

Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 14.00 and 17.00 – 21.00

Another cute tea shop in Gracia, Barcelona, Planeta Te is the slightly cuter little sister of where you can buy many types of teas and blends and unique amalgamations along with vessels for brewing tea, implements for straining tea and objects for stirring tea and items for the making tea process that I didn’t know existed.

Apparently Planeta Te has 365 types of tea and infusions – which is remarkable as where I originally come from (Birmingham, England) we only had one type of tea and that was as weak as a geriatric’s recently expelled piss and served with cow’s milk and sugar. So with enough tea variations that you could have a different variety every day of the week for a year, I guess you could call the folk at Planeta Te aficionados.

The place is as cute as a button with its pale green facade  and lovely displays. It’s a stunning little store to visit, even if you don’t drink tea. It smells divine and there is bound to be something you like from a choice of 365 teas. They have greens of every description, rich fruity reds, spicy chais, subtle rooiboses, and mild and smooth oolongs.

Planeta Te sell beautiful cups and gifts for your tea-loving friends and family along with gorgeous honeys, locally-produced jams and lovingly crafted biscuits and cookies that would go down nicely with a big puddle of freshly brewed tea.

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