Planeta Vegano (vegan supermarket) – Madrid

Calle Ave María, 42

Spain – a country more famous for bullfighting and suspended donkey legs and generally gory comestibles occasionally throws us a curve ball. This time in the guise of Planeta Vegano – an online supermarket that specialises in lots of vegan goodies but also in vegan pet food for cats and dogs. Who knew?

Whilst we are both vegetarians (not only because we are against animal mistreatment and torture, but also because we believe that animal protein is a very unnecessary ingredient in the human animal diet that has been linked to cancer [read; The China Study for more info]), we understand that young Sweep Osito – our four-legged befurred progeny has big scary teeth and scratchy claws for a reason. And it’s not for chewing on nylon bones or my trousers, although the hairy youngster might sometimes disagree. There’s no fun boiling liver for dog treats in an 18-foot van when it’s 35 degrees outside, but Sweep has needs that must be met. However, I respect people who are so pro-animal that they choose to feed their companion animals a vegetarian or vegan diet, so long as they ensure that their hairies thrive.

Planeta Vegano stock vegan dog items such as Yannah Bio; Benevo (for cats and dogs); and Amicat and –dog. You can buy biodegradable cat litter/sand and chewable bones and toys to strengthen doggy teeth and massage their gums in lieu of animal bones.

They also sell vegan stuff for human animals.

In addition they sell vegan shoes and boots and are the first place I’ve found so far during my travels through Spain to do so.

Oh and you can buy tasty/disgusting liquid resin pommie stalwart Marmite there too. And even more impressive still – they sell Booja Booja raw vegan ice cream (another British import) which is made with raw cashew nuts and agave syrup, and tastes divine.

I think I’m going to Madrid.

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