Planning a Hiking and Wild Camping Trip

Wild Camping Pack

My wild camping pack minus food.


I’ve been mulling over the idea of having more regular adventures on foot to save on the campervan’s fuel bills and to get some more exercise so I’ve put together a standard wild camp kit and I will also explain my route and site planning process.

The first consideration is where you’re likely to be camping as this determines exactly what you’ll need for a comfortable trip. For instance, if you’re pitched up somewhere near shops (say within a few kilometres walk) you probably don’t need to pack much food or water and this will lighten your load considerably.

I’ve picked a spot deep in one of the nearby nature parks which will put me at quite a distance from shops and houses. The reason I chose this spot is solitude – I like the peace and sounds of nature.

Because I know the area a little and have walked here a lot I was able to identify some suitable, secluded spots quite easily. I also checked on local maps for spots and spent a few days exploring them, getting to know the pathways and generally getting a feel for the place.

For this excursion I’m going to need enough food and water to last about a day and a half. I plan to set off hiking late afternoon and will walk for a few hours to my site. I should arrive with plenty of daylight left which is preferable for pitching the tent.

My list of basic equipment is as follows:


35 Litre Backpack

3.38kg Hiking Tent (3 man because I like space)

Lightweight Self Inflating Ground Mat

10mm Roll Mat (for additional insulation)

Lightweight Sleeping Bag (good for 13 degrees +)

Sleeping Bag Liner


Additional equipment includes:


Cooking Kit (Jetboil + fuel, spork and foldable silicon cup)

3 Litre “Platypus” (water carriage)

Water Purifying Tablets

Torches and Lamps

First Aid Kit

Multi-Tool and Knife


Mobile Phone

Emergency Solar Phone Charger


Sweep's Wild Camping Pack

Sweep's wild camping pack - he's very professional about it.


As I’m also taking Sweep with me he’ll need a pack too which consists of:


1 Tin of Food

Poo Bags


A Favoured Toy (although he’ll probably play with sticks as usual)

Training Clicker


Foldable Silicon Water Bowl


I’ll discuss food, clothes and other matters in another post but this should cover the basics for now. As I mentioned, you’ll need to consider your environment FIRST because it absolutely dictates what you’ll need to pack. There is nothing worse than carrying more than you need, or not having enough food to keep you going.

If you found this useful please leave a comment or question in the box below. You can also discuss wild camping on our forums by clicking here.

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