Platja del Cabaijo, Arenys de Mar, Catalunya

platja de cabaijo, arenys de mar, catalunya


One of the main things to attract so many tourists to Spain on a yearly basis are its beaches and climate; and you don’t get one without the other. Platja del Cabaijo, the main beach at Arenys de Mar is less commercial than those at neighbouring Calella but is a lovely example of a proper Spanish beach.

The course grain sand crunches slightly underfoot and isn’t so fine as to infiltrate every possible orifice about your being, although it still travels home with you uninvited inside a sock or shoe.

Many tourists are put off visiting Arenys de Mar as a beach resort because it lacks much in the way of tourist attractions and is also a traditional fishing town. The beach is separated from the fishing port by a man made stone breakwater but doesn’t seem to cause any problems with pollution or smell.

Platja del Cabaijo ends at some rocks a few hundred metres south of the port so it’s not a big beach at all, although it is almost as deep as it is wide.


Sweep enjoys the beach at Arenys de Mar, Costa del Meresme, Catalunya

Sweep enjoys the beach at Arenys de Mar, Costa del Meresme, Catalunya.


The local council have provided training facilities along the beach path for keep fit fanatics to enjoy and help with their fitness regime so if your beach break is lacking a lung busting run or a set of pull-up repetitions you can indulge yourself happily. Afterwards you can cool off with a swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

In a bid to brighten the beach up some of the rocks have been painted and you can read about those by clicking here or take a look at some panoramic shots of Platja del Cabaija here.

Arenys de Mar is a lovely little town and worth a visit if you find yourself with a day to spare. Read about getting to and from this Costa del Maresme town by clicking here.

For a longer stay you can book a hotel in Arenys de Mar by clicking here.

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