Plou i fa Sol ecotienda (organic store) – Valencia

Plaça del Músico López Chávarri, 7
46003 Valencia

Monday to Saturday 09.00 – 20.30


Yay for the serendipitous discovery of organic health food spots.

I wasn’t expecting to find this place. I’d just arrived in Valencia and was making my flexuous way to a hostel (Home Hostel) when I spied this little beauty.

It’s not a massive place but it’s a beautiful store and you can almost see the love wafting out of it. This place is run by someone who loves the products and lifestyle that they vend. And I like that.

The stock is small and sadly part of the shop is dedicated to clothing and non-edible things but you can certainly pick up a few things such as milk alternatives (spelt, rice, oat, almond and soya varieties). Along with bottled juices, some organic chocolate bars and a variety of other items that will make your time in Valencia more… well, healthier.

What with this place and the gorgeous market, you should be able to keep yourself and brood on the straight and healthy narrow. Falling off the health wagon sucks. Falling off out of necessity because you don’t have access to the ingredients you need is double sucky. So when I find a place, I stock the fuck up, with not a drop of hesitation.

You’ll find the usual offering of health food staples here such as rice, a couple of varieties of oil and vinegars, condiments, cane sugar and alternative sweeteners, and a few gluten-free celiac-friendly products.

There are also a few organic toiletry items such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps and cleaning products.

My advice in Spain is stock up while you can. It’s a lovely shop in a lovely city.


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