Poblenou, Barcelona – in pictures

Poblenou La Rambla, Barcelona

Poblenou is Catalan for new village. It is part of Sant Marti district to the east of Parc de la Ciutadella.

Originally entirely separate from Barcelona, the barrio was the center of Catalan industry during the 19th century. The area consisted of factories and working-class residential housing until it underwent a debatable transformation that saw many modern office and residential housing blocks sprout up. However, some areas of Poblenou still manage to retain their original charm.

A scene in Poblenou, Barcelona

A symbol of its industrial past pokes out behind dreary modern housing in Poblenou, Barcelona


Beautiful facade in Poblenou, Barcelona

The stunning facade and balconies on a typical old residential building in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Poble nou

Modern Poblenou


Poblenou, Barceona

Street art aka graffiti found in Poblenou, Barcelona


Typical sign post in Poblenou, Barcelona

Street sign for the main shopping street in Poblenou, Barcelona.


A doorway in Poblenou, Barcelona

It's a doorway. That's all I know. Poblenou, Barcelona.

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