Pois Cafe – Lisbon, Portugal

Pois cafe, Lisbon

R de Sao Joao de Praca 95
1100 Lisbon


Looking for a comfortable and quirky space in which to relax, enjoy a book, drink tea or eat something vegetarian and tasty in Lisbon – then Pois café is almost too perfect.

Pois Café is a spacious building with stone arches and walls lined with shelves heaving with books. Modern art by local artists hang high on the walls. The furniture is a mismatch of antique looking chairs, basic looking dining room chairs, squashy sofas and slightly lumpy armchairs. Tables are thick and wooden.  The best spot in the house is the most unused, it’s on the right before you get to the till, clamber onto the bench and enjoy a herbal tea.

Pois café’s menu is comprehensive and quite impressive. Starting with brunches, Pois offers egg brunch: fried eggs, ciabatta bread, butter and a hot drink – for €6.20. Brunch Vital consists of a hot drink, fresh fruit juice, fruit salad, cereal and yogurt for €9.80. There are also scrambled eggs served with olives, tomato or mushrooms and costing from €4.10.

During the afternoon you can order tapas / sharing dishes such as cheese curd with onion and chives served with organic bread or guacamole for €4.50.

Other vegetarian dishes include Greek salad, cold carrot and coriander soup, and toasts topped with basil pesto, tomato and rocket. A veggie sandwich contains tomatoes, olive pesto, zucchini, apple, oregano and rocket, and costs €6.40. A further salad consists of goat cheese, raisins, horsereadish and spinach (pictured).

Pois, Cafe, Lisbon -  goat cheese salad

There is also a daily menu that costs €9 ish and consists of a juice, a starter and a main course. Whilst we were there the starter was a vegetarian soup and the main course consisted of three choices, one being vegetarian chilli – which was delicious.

Pois café is an Austrian-owned café and therefore the apple strudel is pretty authentic, the portion generous and the taste divine.

Pois, Cafe, Lisbon -  juice

Pois café is lovely. A beautiful and classy laid back place that welcomes kids and dogs alike. Whether you want coffee and cake, a beer and tapas or a meal – find a comfortable seat at Pois café and relax. You deserve this.

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