Political Graffiti Around Coimbra in Pictures

While I understand the frustration of young people in modern Portugal, their anger at what they perceive to be abandonment by their government who have themselves been forced to impose austerity measures, I can’t accept the vandalism caused to the beautiful old buildings around Old Coimbra.

It does seem that fascism has returned under an economic cowl and most of Europe is suffering as a result of drastic cuts in public services and incomes; basically bailing out the terrible mistakes and losses caused by corruption in the government.

That said, graffiti-ing the walls of an historic centre are not the way to make a point; that only hurts the one thing that keeps people coming to the city. There is no quick solution, but more intelligence is needed when making a protest, rather than quick but artistic vandalism.

Have a look for yourself in this gallery of political graffiti around Coimbra’s old quarter.

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