Ponferrada, Leon – The Village beside Las Medulas

Ponferrada is the gateway to Las Medulas from the north approach.

Ponferrada is the gateway to Las Medulas from the north approach. It's an ancient pueblo (village) which in some places looks as though it hasn't changed since the day it was built.


A modernised house in Ponferrada.

Some houses in Ponferrada have been modernised and a glut of restaurants have opened since Las Medulas became a UNESCO heritage site. You can't blame the locals for cashing in.


Rustic tradition in Ponferrada

The whole village has a very rustic look, despite the arrival of a tourist office and the updating of many houses.


A restaurant in Ponferrada

This restaurant was nearest to the entrance to the mines and had a very amusing dog who liked to jump on the roof and bark before disappearing. He was rebel rousing the chickens.


The humble honey shop in Ponferrada

One of my favourite stops in Ponferrada was at this house-cum-shop owned by an old lady who made her own honey, chutneys and oils. I'm a big fan of homegrown organic produce.


Apparently it's ok to have dogs in Ponferrada although these cave paintings depict some odd shaped people.


The sunset sky above Ponferrada

The late evening sunset yielded an astounding colourscape above Las Medulas and Ponferrada. It was a priceless moment.


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