Prices in Spain

Modern Spain is very expensive compared to the good old dias when the humble peseta was  cheerily given in exchange for goods and services. Neighbour Portugal is considerably cheaper and Spain’s other neighbour – France – is even more expensive. Still some things are reasonable and it is possible to get by on a fairly small budget if you shop intelligently and eat out very moderately and limit yourself to how much organic and specialist food you purchase.

You can obviously save money by wildcamping, so long as you don’t mind using nature’s bathroom to wash (the sea) or [poo in (the woods)]. Although you might have one of these swanky RVs that comes with all the modern essentials such as water and somewhere to shit. Ah, the luxury. We don’t have such modern stuff in our humble van but using nature is not as bad as it sounds and you soon get used to it. Kind of.

Here are some sample prices, as at October 2011.

Diesel prices (average):


Camping prices: 

For two people, one van and one dog (yes, some places charge for dogs) prices range from €22/night – €50/night, unless you have an ACSI card.

Camping prices (ACSI):  

€13-€15/night and includes two people, one van, some electricity and one very handsome dog. ACSI cards are only usable during low season.

Internet prices:       

We pay about 20 euros a month for a prepay dongle. Some service providers charge as much as 3 euros a day for their poxy service. They can keep their internet.


For Supermarkets I generally use Carrefour as the larger shops have a small bio section. They also have better quality vegetables than other shops such as Aldi, Lidl, whose poor quality and lack of choice leaves me cold and grumpy.

Eating out:

Costs of eating out depends on the region. Catalunya seems to be the most expensive because it’s one of the most popular regions and contains Barcelona. Cities like Barcelona are also more painful on the pocket than other areas.

Non-alcoholic beer with lemon (clara sin) / approx €2.00

Beer (una cana) / approx €1.75

Glass of red wine (vaso de tinto) / approx €3.00

Glass of white wine (vaso de vino blanco) / approx €3.00

Bread with a meal (pan) / approx €1.00

White coffee (café con leche) /approx €1.50

Daily menu (Menu del dia) / approx €10
first course, second course, dessert, bread and a drink

Patatas bravas  / approx €3.50

Hot chocolate (chocolate caliente) /approx €2.00

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