Psaging (natural health & beauty shop) – Barcelona

Psaging shop

Psaging Bretón
carrer Bretón de los Herreros, 7
08012 Barcelona (includes online shop)

Psaging is an upmarket health food and beauty shop with branches across Spain and an online shop if you can’t get to one of their branches.

They vend organic creams and potions, vitamins and minerals, supplements and powders, and items for the face and body, along with a fairly decent range of health food items.

In the grocery section they sell milk substitutes, gluten free products suitable for celiacs, seaweeds, rice and pasta, fruit juices and dried fruit and nuts including raw (as raw as possible) cashew nuts. A 500g bag of raw(ish) cashew nuts costs less than €7.

It’s a great store for beauty items such as healthy fluoride-free toothpaste; non-paraben, non-carcinogenic, toxic, skincare products such as day and night creams, toners, lipbalms, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels etc. They sell things that clean your hair, soothe your face, cleanse your teeth and stop yourself from smelling like a tramps hair, without actually killing you with horrific chemicals and whatnot.

The emphasis at Psaging is ant-aging and they sell creams and supplements aimed at stopping and turning back the clock a tad, cos no-one seems to want to look their age these days.

The staff are superfriendly and not snooty or looky down nosey at all which is just a tiny bit refreshing in shops of these kind.

I happily found that they have started stocking Naturya products (chlorella, maca, lucuma, wheatgrass and the like) which is something I have missed greatly from the UK. Pretty much all I’ve missed really. Anyway, these items aren’t always easy to find in Spain, so stock up here if your visit to Barcelona is a transient one.

Great spot for picking up supplements and nuts and bio face and body care products. That’s what I buy there anyhoo.


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