Psaging (natural health & beauty shop) – Barcelona

Pintor Fortuny 33
El Raval
08001 (although only useful for finding out addresses of other branches)

Psaging is an upmarket but unsnooty health shop in El Raval that stocks organic creams and potions, vitamins, supplements, face-care items, along with a good spread of health food items from soya and rice milks to gluten free pastas, organic brown rice, seaweeds, dried fruit, nuts and healthy-ish cookies.

I even managed to get my grubby digits on some raw cashew nuts (apparently there is no such thing as a raw cashew nuts as the processing involves steaming at high temperatures but at least they weren’t roasted in excessive cheap vegetable oil and then embalmed in salt, which in itself, is a blessing in Spain). I paid approx €7 for 500g of ‘raw’ cashew nuts, and €2.50 for the same amount of big juicy dates the size of fat girl’s thumbs.

It’s a great store for items such as healthy fluoride-free toothpaste; non-paraben, non-carcinogenic, toxic, skincare products such as day and night creams, toners, lipbalms, shampoos, conditioners, shower cremes etc. Stuff that washes your hair, moisturizes your face and cleans your teeth without actually killing you. That kind of stuff. And stuff you can eat too.

The emphasis at Psaging – as the name might suggest – is ant-aging and they sell creams and supplements aimed at halting the clock so that we can all look unnaturally young despite being in our 80s. Not that I’m against that kind of stuff. If I’m still cart-wheeling and occasionally get mistaken for a teenager when I’m a septuagenarian, then I’ll deal with it.

Anyway, Psaging also sell a range of specialist supplements that come in glass vials which focus on the likes of energy, defense, royal jelly and detox. Prices start from €18.99 for a three week course. Pricey, but if your immune system has taken a bashing recently or you need an urgent boost, they could provide the quick-fix. Even better, just go on a raw food diet and do yoga.

The woman serving was friendly and not at all condescending, which is always good when having lived in a van for a more than a few weeks and you have become to resemble a descendent of Chewbacca, one of the less pretty of the Bacca family.

The best thing about Psaging for me is that they sell 200g pouches of organic chlorella and spirulina powders produced by Naturya. They cost approx €18 and €16 respectively. I had been trying to get spirulina powder for six months in Spain and had previously got a long-suffering best friend to send some to me, so I was excited (I’m not joking) to find this.

Carrer Pintor Fortuny is just off the top end of La Rambla (on the right-hand side when going down La Rambla from Placa Catalunya. It’s a great little street in El Raval for a number of reasons. There is also a vegetarian restaurant here called L’Hortet and a great little café called Olivia and you are but five minutes walk from the best market in Spain, La Boqueria; dog-friendly café, Buenas Amigas, organic bakery Barcelona Reykjavik, and organic supermarket Veritas.

El Raval is one of the best areas in Barcelona for picking up tasty stuff for the health conscious, the vegetarian, the vegan and the raw food vegan.

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