Puente Viejo, Potes – the friendliest food joint in town

Potes is nestled in a valley to the south east of the Picos de Europa and serves as one of the junction towns and a base for hikers and sightseers.

Although considered a town it’s more of a village with some historical points of interest, a lot of bars and restaurants, a handful of smelly looking dogs and a market which is open a couple of times a week.

The old stone houses ascend the hill on the south side of town; a wave of red tiles swelling against the green hills like an unnoticed Christmas present gathering dust in the corner. These buildings are stacked on the edge of the river which dissects the town, and all the waterfront places are restaurants offering fairly average food at high prices.

Lovely Mum's place. Reasonably priced food, best service in all of Spain.

For the budget conscious like us there’s a gem of a place and it fast became my favourite: Puente Viejo at Cr. Del Sol n. 10, where a very ‘lovely mum’ plies you with fried food, cold/hot drinks and melts you with smiles like your favourite nan.

A small portion of patatas with deadly Bravas salsa. I could drink straight from the bottle.

Because we have to consider Sweep, Puente Viejo was ideal as we could sit outside and enjoy the cool mountain air and a massive plate of patatas bravas (a Spanish favourite which is basically potato fries with a very hot chilli sauce). Being a chilli addict this ‘dish’ is paradise on a plate for me. I’d often considered skipping the fries and getting straight to chugging on the sauce instead.

Sweep had a quarter chicken from the rotisserie but ‘lovely mum’ brought him a foil tray full of chicken bits as well. She loves dogs so we love her.

This came as a free addition for Sweep. he was chickened out by the end of the night.

Ok, so it’s not the healthiest place to eat but we didn’t eat there everyday. The prices are comparable to a few other places but you get a lot more for your money, plus ‘lovely mum’ makes you feel so at home with her winning smile and utter humility that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

So what’s on the menu?

Puente Viejo doesn’t really cater for the vegetarians and vegans out there, in fact Spain on the whole doesn’t, but, a ‘menu del dia‘ (menu of the day) will set you back 9 euros , for which you get a chicken, a huge plate of patatas, a frankfurter , a drink and of course, the kind of attention only your nan can give you. I’m surprised we didn’t come away with colourful, crocheted blankets every time.

Chocolate Caliente - Lovely Mum also brought us some free Churros (curly donuts) to dip in it.

Camping and wild camping may not be your thing but if you want to explore the beautiful old Potes and Picos de Europa you can book a hotel by clicking here.

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images: Copyright Jacob Lee Bane.

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