Raices vegetarian restaurant – Granada

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It’s a bit of a walk out of town but as it’s one of two vegetarian restaurants that I managed to locate in Granada, it’s worth the walk. Particularly as the other restaurant – Paprika – is quite pricey. So if you is wanting cheap eats and you is wanting them without flesh and eyes and things, this is your best option. If you are happy to eat in a vegetarian-friendly place (that actually serves more vegetarian food than meat) then you can also try Art Hicuri.

So Raices – they have a terrifying website. Tread carefully, it will frighten you.

During the day there is – of bloody course – a menu del dia. This will generally consist of a salad, a rice or pasta dish, a dessert (such as rice pudding, natural yogurt, something chocolatey or seasonal fruit). It will also come with a mint tea to aid digestion along with bread and a drink. The cost is between €8.80 and €11 depending on whether you want to choose two or three dishes.

There is also an a la carte burger menu where you can choose from dishes such as soya burger with salad and fries; soya burger in a bun with salad, avocado, fries and cheese; or soya ‘meat’ balls with salad, salsa and fries. All these cost €5.90.

They have salads which cost from €6.30. They are quite basic and the presentation is a bit 1970s but they are salads. Choose from Chinese salad (with hijiki, brown rice, sweet corn, tomato and lettuce); Lebanese (with couscous, mint, olives, tomato, and parsley); green lambs lettuce salad (lambs lettuce, tomato, apple, pine nuts, pepper, sprouts, olives and a honey dressing); and other more basic offerings such as a house salad (avocado, lettuce, beetroot, hijiki, carrot, tomato, asparagus, olives and sweetcorn).

There is a menu of quiches such as Roquefort and mushroom; spinach and Roquefort, or quiche Lorraine. They cost from €7.90.

They have a pretty decent juice menu which includes some vegetable juices such as carrot, apple, orange, beetroot, celery, lettuce and parsley – and combinations there of. Juices start from €3. Also they have a smoothie (batido) menu with a choice of juice only, yogurt or milk and lots of fruit options. They add sugar to the juices, so make sure to specify that you don’t do drugs, and that  you’d like your teeth to last until your 50th or 80th if you are already 50, or 100th if you are already 80. If you are already a 100 – fuck it – have some sugar.

There’s lots to eat here. Loads of choices. Loads of menus and the portions are substantial.


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