Raval in pictures part 2

La Confiteria in El Raval, Barcelona

El Raval is the barrio over the other side of La Rambla ie not the Gothic quarter. It shares some superficial characteristics with the Gothic quarter but despite attempts to clean up the area, it still retains some of its grittyness and beyond the trendy bars, arty boutiques and terraces, it’s still common to rub shoulders with gentleman merchants keen to vend you substances to make your mind wibble and welcoming ladies whose clothing generally fails to provide adequate umbrage for their gelatinous chests who will charge you shiny coins to touch the contents of their knickers. Think Lady Gaga but less ugly and slightly less desperate.

A street corner in El Raval, Barcelona

Not everything you find on street corners in El Raval will charge you by the minute.

A typical bar in El Raval

Not all the bars in El Raval are aimed at ponsy tourists.

Locutorio in El Raval

One of many locutorios in Barcelona's El Raval. Apparently, not everyone has 3G - go figure!


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