Raw food equipment on the road

Staying raw on the road takes a lot of commitment. Campsites and general shops sell very little, if anything at all that the raw food vegan would hope to find and eat. You need to be organised and to make sure you have a good supply of fruit and vegetables and, especially during the hotter months, a way of keeping them fresh. The fridge we have in the van worked. For at least one week. The rest of the time it doubles as a slightly warm and quite pongy closet for keeping stale warm air stale and warm. A fail when it came to behaving in a fridge like manner.

When it comes to being raw whilst living in a van it’s best to have at least some specialist equipment otherwise the risk is that you will struggle and end up eating non-raw food.

Here’s what we have in the van:

The most space consuming piece of equipment we took was a fairy professional full-size blender. Unfortunately, we are unable to use this whilst wild camping as the leisure battery is too feeble to power it. However, at campsites with electrical hook-up, it worked fine. It took up quite a bit of space in the van but it means we can have smoothies when staying in campsites, which is a luxury.

Stick Blender
A cheap stick blender works straight from the leisure battery and therefore we can use this to make smoothies even whilst wild camping. It’s not as quick as a proper blender but it works.

I bought a ‘handy’ space saving spiralizer from Betty Bossi. Easy to store and clean but a right tit in the eye to use. You need the patience of a particularly patient saint to use it. It does the job, you will get your noodles, but not that quickly.

We have one with us, but in all honesty, haven’t used it yet. It’s a cheap one that looks like a medieval instrument of torture for rodents.

Nut mylk bag
We use our nut mylk bag for sprouting. It hangs over the sink and is easy to rinse and takes up a tenth of the space that a table top sprouter would.

Raw recipe books
We use the Café Gratitude book for savoury raw food and Ani Phyo for desserts. Mainly we create fairly simple salads with a simple dressing. Because we are lazy but we do use the books occasionally. Recipes for simple raw food creations are best.

I’d also have liked a juicer but cleaning one whilst in a van or a campsite would make for the kind of challenge that might ruin my day.

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