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Let’s face it, if you are a raw vegan you are better off staying in NYC’s East Village, or the trendier parts of LA (not that I’ve been there). Stick around those places and you could be forgiven for thinking that raw foodism isn’t an alternative lifestyle at all.

Outside of these areas you might find the odd place that serves raw food – although not much worth getting too excited downstairs about. London (England) for example, has a couple of raw food places (Saf, Wildfood Café, Inspiral).

Barcelona, despite being a cosmopolitan city with a good share of vegan and vegetarian restaurants – sadly, has pretty much nothing doing for raw food vegans, accept for trusty salad bars that more often than not have boiled eggs, pasta salads, couscous and rice dishes making up at least 50% of the dishes. So not a lot for raw foodists. Not so trusty salad bars.

Finding decent juices bars is another issue in Barcelona. Their idea of  juice is orange and there idea of a smoothie is banana, strawberry and yoghurt. I’ve never seen a pure vegetable juice, a green juice or an exotic smoothie that contains anything other than banana.

It’s a shame because in many other ways – Barcelona is the perfect city. It’s just the food, petty crime and the fact that it isn’t nearly far enough from the UK that let it down.

So, if you want to eat out and eat raw in Barcelona, your best choice is to go to a vegan restaurant with a salad bar. Generally, vegan and vegetarian restaurants don’t have big motherfucking salads on their menus – just a salad bar that is mostly ummm, not really salad.

One of my favourite spots is Woki Organic Supermarket (near Placa Catalunya). They actually have a smoothie that is made with avocado, which is positively cutting edge.

Self Naturista in El Gotico is a vegetarian canteen and they do plates of raw vegetables – but they are exceptionally simple and often bland. Eg lettuce, shredded carrot and a few slices of red pepper, crowned with one black olive. Not exciting but better than starving to death. Albeit only just.

Chains  like Fresc Co have massive salad bars (not just vegetarian) but the quality of the produce here is terrible. Watery and bland. I’m always complaining about it to anyone that will listen and often those that don’t. It’s not the listening that’s important.

If you are a 100% raw food vegan and you find yourself in Barcelona, then you will be better off self-catering. If you are a fruitarian then head to La Boqueria (the market).

Good luck, and if you find anywhere in Barcelona that is raw food friendly – be sure to let us know in the comment box below and we’ll review it for this site. Or just marry it.

(For a raw food restaurant in Madrid try Crucina.)

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