Republic Café – Poblenou, Barcelona

Republic Cafe - Poble Nou, Barcelona


Rambla del Poblenou, 22-24

09hrs to 20hrs

I wound up in Republic Café one very grey and grim rainy afternoon in January in Barcelona. It was the kind of weather I associate with England – on a good day. Overcast, sunless and so grey you feel like a criminal whose identity is being concealed by a grey blanket as he/she is taken into a courthouse for sentencing.

So I dived into Republic Café and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and cosyness courtesy of some lamps and candles – already lit, despite it not being dark. It is mostly tables and chairs but there are a couple of undersized easy chairs in case Tom Cruise drops by and wants to appear slightly larger than Danny Devito.

Drinks are the usual: coffees, teas, beers, hot chocolates and soft drinks. Soya milk is available.

If you are hungry or merely just bulimic then there are sandwiches, vegetarian wraps and bagels with butter, peanut butter, Philadelphia cheese and jam, and dulce de leche.

They also have cookies, muffins and various other cakes and tarts cowering under glass domes and in glass jars – basically things that look good, probably taste pretty good but sadly also rot your teeth and soul. Ho hum. Everything in moderation. Except moderation itself.

This was a great location for a dull wet afternoon when the nearby beach had all but lost its appeal. It’s always nice to sit in a café eating apple cake and watching the rain drops bounce off the pavement – especially good when you know the downpouring is fleeting and the next day, the sun will most likely have returned.

There is an outdoor terrace for better days, so you can sit in the middle of La Rambla as you eat and drink. That also makes it dog-friendly and we’re all fans of that. One of us in particular. The hairiest one.

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