Reservoir at Guadalest, Valencia

The reservoir at Guadalest, Valencia


The reservoir at Guadalest was formed when the river Guadalest was dammed between 1953 and 1964. The 11 year project eventually provided a steady water supply for the region and created a beautiful lake at the base of the town.

Standing at 73 meters high and stretching 270 meters long the river supplies water all the way to the coastal town of Benidorm.

The square within the walled town of Guadalest is the perfect viewpoint (mirador) to enjoy views of the stunning reservoir and surrounding mountains. Paddle boats lazily amble across the surface giving a fish-eye perspective of the tremendous landscape.

There is a lot of fishing being done on the area but as a vegan it’s not something that interests me. Furthermore, to take part in any fishing events you’ll need a license which has to be bought from the local fishing and tackle shop.

There is also a road which runs around the edge of the reservoir and if you turn off the CV-70 when you see signs for “Embalse de Guadalest” you’ll be taken across the dam and round to Guadalest via some sleepy little villages (pueblos). It’s a journey worth taking.

All in all the reservoir is one of the most inspiring attractions around Guadalest because of its natural wonder. Combined with the mountains and the walls of the old Moorish town it makes for a splendid sight from a distance.

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