Rethinking the Van Design – Building the Kitchen in Pictures

This is where it all began; a crappy sketch. Da Vinci would have been proud.


OK so I’m no Leonardo Da Vinci but for me, every great design starts with a humble sketch. Not that my kitchen is a great design; it’s just a functional piece of work that will last for a good few years to come.


I started by building the end frames which would carry the weight of the kitchen.


The pair of ends took about an hour to construct. They're quite awkward and I don't have the luxury of a workshop.


I then added the cross beams so I could fit the work surface.


But first I had to cut the work surface down to the new sizes.


With the work surface fitted I had a stable, sturdy frame to work with.


To which I added the drawers before storing it while I built the bed frame and L shaped couch.


The kitchen in its current state is incomplete. I will be adding panels to the sides and back which will make it stronger and look tidier. There is also a folding surface to add to the right hand end (as you’re looking at it), a door on the front for access to the water tank and of course the sink needs to be fitted and plumbed in.

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