Rethinking the van Design – Panels, Gates and Kitchen in Pictures

Before fencing off the storage space under the bed I fitted three metal strips to the slats so I could hang my super-bright magnetic LED lamp.


This wall panel was absolutely necessary for a number of reasons. It will make part of the backing for the L-shaped couch as well as covering the side of the van where the old water heater and fridge exhaust port were visible. And it hid Mariah Carey's scary hairy evil fairy.


Here's the new window sill ready for cutting. I'd already nicked the corners out to make it fit flush and the dark line was my guide to make it level with the top of the new wall panel.


The lovely new panel and gate on the front of the bed frame. I was really pleased with the finish on this part as you'll know if you've read other articles on this site. I mean, I can't shut up about it.


The kitchen finishes the panel on the front of the bed frame with its taller wall. There's still more work to be done on the kitchen yet including a raised floor, plumbing in the water supply, fitting the sink and putting a door on the front next to the fridge.


A closer, if darker look at the kitchen in its new home.


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