Rethinking the Van Design Part 15 – Finishing the Bed


As mentioned in my previous article on panelling the bed I discussed the need for better trim and finishing in the van. I was forced into doing a rushed campervan conversion of my own by a combination of bad luck, bad decision making and time constraints.

This time around I still don’t have much time but I have the experience of living in the van for six months and knowing what works for us.

The panel and gate was really the finishing touch to the bed, although it wouldn’t be complete until the kitchen was fitted in place. I won’t go into great detail about the materials or design of the panel because I’ve covered that in previous articles (click here to read them) but this is more about the finish and how it looks.

We’d both seen a lot of well trimmed vans on our travels and for the most part our Denny was a little dull inside. The décor was ok but it lacked and quirky elements.

I’m not suggesting that it looks quirky now but with the new changes it has far more quirk potential and I have no doubt my lovely Calypso will take advantage of that as soon as the last screw is put in place.


The panel, gate and kitchen in their rightful places. Yep, Denny is shaping up beautifully now.


For now here’s a better look at the finished panel and gate with the kitchen fixed in place beside it. At this stage the L-shaped sofa was ready for fitting and I’ll cover that in the next article.

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