Rethinking The Van Design Part 17 – Removing The Passenger Seat

I have big hands so these Renault Master seat bolts must be huge. To be fair, they took some effort to shift.



Are you mental or something? Why on Earth would you remove the passenger seat?

They’re both very good questions and can be answered easily. Yes, I am mental or something and I want to remove the passenger seats because now that the bulkhead is gone I want to be able to get to the living area without going outside. The last time I could fit through a five inch gap, Michael Bentine’s Potty Time was still a regular fixture on TV so the point of removing the ‘bench’ seat is to fit a single in its place and give easy access to the back end.

Oooo er missus…

So that’s the plan but here’s how it happened. I previously wrote about removing he bulkhead from a Renault Master (click here to read it) so I feel it’s only fair to talk about removing the seats as well.

The passenger seats come as one ‘bench’ unit and are held in place by FIVE hefty bolts which you simply undo and whip the whole thing out. That’s the simple part but you’ll need a 16mm socket or wrench for the job and a whole heap of elbow grease because these bad boys are fixed in tight.


The 16mm ratchet socket is your friend when it comes to removing your Renault Master passenger seats. Here's mine.


The good thing about these seats is that the seatbelt retainers are fixed to the frame and the belt for the central passenger is also fixed into the arrangement. The Outer passenger seatbelt, like the driver’s, is fitted neatly behind a custom made panel, so fitting a replacement seat won’t be dogged by having to find a replacement belt.

Having a single passenger seat means we’ll be able to get to the living space without opening a single door and after our last six months of in and out we’ll be glad of the change.

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