Rethinking the Van Design Part 18 – Fitting the L-Shaped Couch


The corner couch - fitted in place but not finished (there's still another piece to fix on the end at the bottom end of the picture).


The new found freedom in the back of the van was pure joy after months of being stuck behind a light obscuring bulkhead and seeing so much daylight pouring in (especially with the passenger seats removed too) was terrific.

As previously discussed in many blogs we had always wanted an L-Shaped sitting area. It never happened in the first conversion because I tried to be clever with a fold down bed which rested on top of a U-Shaped sitting plan. Foolish!

This time around I made it my priority and everything else had to fit around that. Too often during our travels we needed somewhere to park our behinds to eat, work, play Scrabble or just relax and admire the view.


The drawers at the end were originally going to complete the couch but I've changed my mind. More on that in the future.


In my previous article on making the L-Shaped couch I went through how I designed and put them together so this time around I’m simply going to show you how they fit and what they look like in place.

I’m certainly looking forward to lazy afternoons parked up by the sea with the side door open and a cup of lemon, ginger and honey tea on the table while I relax and write my book on my super comfy couch.

The storage under the seats will be more useful than previous storage solutions. I also fitted a panel on the side door end of the couch to make it look tidier but also to hide our wares. Oh, the cat’s out of the bag now.


The panel on the door end of the couch hides a multitude of sins and useless junk stuffed under the seats.


The new couch combined with the extra space I’ve managed to make with the new design will make our home on wheels a lot more comfortable and I’m looking forward to many days and nights within its humble walls.

Although not finished the new interior is starting to come together and seeing it take shape is making me more determined to see the job through. The building blocks are there and later down the line we can look forward to redecorating. Exciting times ahead.

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