Rethinking the Van Design Part 2 – No Need for Excess

Sweep thoughtfully keeps the bed warm.



Six months of living anywhere, with any lifestyle gives you a strong indication of what you do and don’t need. Our initial concerns were things like toilets and washing facilities but a few months into our journey we quickly adapted to an unburdened lifestyle.

I’ve seen a lot of vans with toilets on board but for me they represent an additional luxury which comes encumbered with problems such as monetary costs, but more importantly, environmental costs. The chemicals in these things are not good for the land and have to be disposed of in special drop off toilets, normally situated at service stations and camp sites. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess but I highly doubt that the land ultimately avoids its filthy rancour.

And more to the point, why do you need to lose vital living space, carry the extra weight, suffer the expenditure of expensive chemicals and not to mention the ignominy of emptying the thing when a shovel, some tissue, a couple of wet wipes and a hygiene disposal bag will do? Shitting in the woods anyone?

The new look interior will not be requiring a Dunny closet or for that matter a shower cubicle as I have also seen in many a van. Showers too are a luxury and are fine if you have a massive van and a huge budget for fuel, because believe me, the weight of all that water will kill your kilometres per litre.


Our current layout has wasted space, despite its functionality. This is all going to change.


We’ve covered the aspect of maintaining personal hygiene on the road and our sink, water heater and sponge do the job perfectly.

Some people think of our lifestyle as something austere but once you rid yourself of unnecessary luxuries and bills you find a sense of freedom that only this kind of lifestyle can give you. As the bills disappear so does the stress.

The remap of our van won’t take long to do as everything is more or less in place. The biggest job will be moving the kitchen but building the new raised bed frame will be quick, as will the L-shaped sofa.  There will also be some additional wiring run for extra lights as the bed area is going to become partitioned.

This is going to be a very interesting few weeks while Denny gets a refit and I’m excited to see the end result, let alone live in it.

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