Rethinking the Van Design Part 20 – Adding the Canopy in Pictures

Our Fiamma canopy awning is going to be a welcome addition to the van. I'm looking forward to many an icy fruit juice under its shade.


For this part of the job I needed a step ladder, a van and a canopy awning. Luckily I had all of those things.


Fitting the canopy in place was not easy while trying to balance on a step ladder with a foot missing. there was a bit of swearing at low volume.


These little numbers hold the canopy inside the rail. I thought it best to fit them otherwise there might be more swearing when it blows away. Any palm readers out there fancy reading my fortune? I'm right handed.


Here's the first retainer fitted in pace. Thrilling stuff.


The canopy fitted and held in place. I'm looking forward to sitting under that bad ass when the sun gets a bit keen.


There appears to be instructions. Better read those at some point.


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